The Engineering Department is responsible for:

- Ensuring conformity with town regulations and standards
- Inspecting all subdivision construction
- Maintaining all mapping of town-owned utilities
- Providing Geographic Information System (GIS) services

  1. Mary Herington

    Town Engineer

  2. Phone: (585) 872-7027
    Fax: (585) 872-1352

Engineering Department Divisions:

Engineering review:

- Fill permits:  Residents interested in obtaining a fill permit can review the Town Code Regulations and then complete the permit application online:  Application Link

Land Development and Regulation:

- Letters of credit and bonds
- Easements

Environmental Regulation:

- Stormwater Pollution Prevention

        - The Town is a member of the Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County.  

- Erosion Control

Residential Services:

- Streetlights:  Do you need to report an issue with a streetlight in your neighborhood?

Please complete the online form below to report a streetlight concern. Town staff will review your report and determine the next steps to address the issue.  

Form Link:  Streetlight Reporting Form

- Tree Maintenance:  For homeowners that are concerned about a tree(s) on their property, please visit our tree maintenance page for information and online reporting form:  Tree Maintenance LINK