600 Ridge Rd.


- Webster Furniture Strippers goes out of business

- The building is vacated


- Due to unpaid taxes, Monroe County begins a series of auctions of the property, which occurs for several years, with no bidders. 

- Taxes remain unpaid through 2020.


- Town requested the NYS DEC (Department of Environmental Conservation) provide all known information regarding the environmental condition of the property.

- Town also requested a cost estimate from an outside agency for any additional required investigations, pending authorization from the property owner.


- Lozier Environmental Consulting provides the Town with a quote for Phase 1 & 2 testing at 600 Ridge Road, pending structural soundness of the building.

- Town staff then gain entrance to 600 Ridge Rd. to conduct an inspection and determine if it is safe for environmental testing to proceed, should the Town choose to go that route.

- Building was determined to be structurally sound for environmental testing.


- Lozier Environmental Consulting gives a presentation to the Town Board on a Phase 1 & 2 proposed testing at 600 Ridge Road. 

Two unknowns were identified from this proposal:
    - Can the Town expend taxpayer dollars on  privately-owned property for testing?
    - If the testing determines millions of dollars are needed for remediation, does the Town assume liability for the remediation? 


- Property was foreclosed on by the tax lien owner and property was sold at auction.

- Town continues to reach out to purported owner but contact to date has been unsuccessful.